Golf Equipment–Top 10 Brand Names

NO.1 Dunlop

Since its inception in 1910, Dunlop has been the one of the world’s most prestigious brands. Even those famous golfers such as Arnold Palmer, Seve Ballesteros, Tom Watson and Fuzzy Zoeller have already become the Dunlop brand’s loyalist owning to its good performance. Actually, Dunlop clubs help them win a lot of honor.

NO.2 TaylorMade

TaylorMade – Adidas Golf Co., Ltd. (TaylorMade-Adidas-Salomon AG, referred to TaylorMade golf. Since 1979, after the creation, TaylorMade Golf has always been a pioneer in the development of golf technology.

NO.3 Adidas

In the world of the sporting equipments manufacturers, Adidas has always represented a special kind of status symbol, and this symbol was called by some bird as the “three lines about victory.” Since founded in 1948, so far, Adidas has helped countless athletes to create great scores, and a lot of the achievements of Albert Feng Gong.

NO.4 Nike

Headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, Nike is the world’s leading sporting goods manufacturer. The company is a manufacturer of sporting goods all-inclusive: clothing, footwear, sporting equipment and so on. 2002 fiscal year, the company’s operating income reached a record 4.98 billion U.S. dollars, compared fiscal year 2001 with a growth of 2%.

NO.5 Ben Hogan

Since its establishment in 1953, Ben Hogan Golf is always the representative of high-end products. Over the years, the best golf equipment, such as clubs, balls, accessories and many other products always closely linked to the Ben Hogan brand. As the company entered the first of his brilliant 52 years, Ben Hogan had a significant innovation, launched a series of new products.

NO.6 Etonic

Etonic began his golf shoes production in the 50’s. During the 80’s, Etonic has been considered as the leading technology brand with a representation of high professionalism. In 2002, Etonic produced the first sports shoes of the double depth. Etonic DRx products are not only fashionable but also comfort and easy moving.

NO.7 Wilson

Since launched in 1914, Wilson has become the historic sporting equipment manufacturer already. Wilson is one of the first manufacturers of tennis rackets, racket, and two lines of the tennis shoes. Pepsi-Cola Company in 1970acquired Wilson, Michael Jordan signed Chicago Bulls, and joined the Wilson think-tank by 1984.

NO.8 MacGregot

Macgregor Company (MacGregorGOIf) was founded in 1897, and the company is headquartered in the United States, Atlanta, Georgia, which is the world’s oldest golf equipment supplier. She is a global brand companies, has a long history, experience abundant supplies. With 108 years’ development of golf course, MacGregot continue her successful record and dazzling innovation brilliance, including 59 Championships over the field.

NO.9 Callaway

Callaway founder Ely Callaway, in 1982, founded the Callaway Golf Company, which was named Callaway Hickory Stick USA Inc. but Callaway. At the time, their main products are based on putting and wedge, but the most special part is the shaft, not used in the iron.


Since 1959, Karsten Solheim invented the heel-toe balance; PING has been good at conventional challenges. Specify series continue to develop the suitable putters, different look, feel and weight, for players at all levels.

Source by Avgolfer